Schöck Bole® type U

Punching shear reinforcement Schöck Bole® type U is mounted before installation of the bottom reinforcement layer. The practical spacers are supplied free of charge and are simply clipped on. Punching shear reinforcement Schöck Bole® type U is suitable for use at prefabricating plants and for thick slabs or floor slabs.

Mer info
  • Customised
    Ready-to-install elements facilitate fast installation on site and at the prefabricating plant
  • Easy to install
    Positioned on the formwork prior to installing the bottom reinforcement layer
  • Optimum installation reliability
    Complete punching strips for best possible accuracy of stud location
  • Information tag
    On the first stud, with exact type designation. Position details can be added on request
  • Meets all requirements
    Concrete cover conformity assured by spacers