Schöck Bole®.The perfect punching shear reinforcement.The perfect punching shear reinforcement.

Flat slabs with studded support pillars offer numerous benefits when designing the layout of industrial and commercial buildings. They make it possible to include non-load bearing partition walls, reduce the workload for formwork and reinforcement, and permit interior finishing right up to the ceiling without any problems, and full use to be made of the height.

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Punching shear reinforcement

The problem of punching shear, which is critical for this type of construction, can be resolved cost efficiently and dependably with the reinforcement bar Schöck Bole®. The Schöck Bole® is a punching shear reinforcement consisting of double-headed studs and anchors with spacing bars to secure correct positioning. The spacers enable installation after the bottom reinforcement and before the top layer.

The entire Schöck Bole® product range

This reinforcement bar enables easier, time-saving installation on site. In addition to the tried and trusted standard Schöck Bole®, other punching shear reinforcement variants have been developed:

  • Schöck Bole® type U is designed for installation before the lower mat
  • Schöck Bole® type O is designed for installation after the top reinforcement layer
  • Schöck Bole® type F is designed for use in element slabs at prefabricating plants.


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