Schöck Combar® for marine and facade construction

The most frequent cause of damage in reinforced concrete buildings is the corrosion of the steel reinforcement. This is especially true of facade components, buildings in coastal areas, bridges, as well as swimming pools, waste water treatment plants and many other industrial facilities. As Schöck Combar® does not rust, the risk of corrosion damage is eliminated resulting in the significant reduction in repair and maintenance costs. Also, the service life of the building is greatly extended - an important contribution to sustainable construction.


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Glass fibre reinforcement Schöck Combar®: marine and facade construction

As it is corrosion resistant and resistant to acids and bases, Schöck Combar® is ideal for the installation in aggressive environments, such as

  • shoreline reinforcements and quay walls
  • facade elements
  • parking garages (even without coatings)
  • industrial floors
  • swimming pools
  • waste water treatment plants
  • harbours
  • dams