Schöck Isokorb®.The future model.

We would like to provide you with optimal support for your building projects. To help keep track of the growing variety of products, we are introducing a new naming structure for the Schöck Isokorb® product range. At the same time, we are making our product portfolio fit for the digital future.

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Variety requires structure

The Schöck Isokorb® product name is clearly structured. The sequence of the name components will always remain the same. At the beginning there is the brand and model, in the middle the type and performance class with all features and at the end the generation.

Abbreviated Name

In addition to the long name, you can also use the bold short name for orders or your software:

Isokorb® XT type K-M2-V1-R0-CV35-X120-H160-6.0

The model name in the future will be an integral part of all Schöck Isokorb® types. The corresponding abbreviation is always placed in front of the word "Type".

Isokorb® XT type K-M4-V1-REI120-CV35-X120-H200-6.0

The basic types

The abbreviations of the basic types have remained the same except for five types. Anyone familiar with the Schöck Isokorb® range will quickly find their way around.

The basic type is directly after the word "type".

Example: Isokorb® XT type K-M4-V1-REI120-CV35-X120-H200-6.0

Load Capacity

The load capacity begins with an abbreviation of the respective force (M, V, N). If forces occur in both directions, the letter abbreviations are doubled (MM, VV, NN). The load-bearing levels are numbered consecutively, starting with 1 for the smallest load-bearing level. Different Isokorb® types with the same load bearing level designation do not necessarily have the same load bearing capacity. The load-bearing level must always be determined using design tables or design programs.

Fire Resistance

The fire resistance class (e.g. REI120) will follow the capacity and forms an integral part of the product name. If no fire protection is provided, the designation will be R0.

Example: Isokorb® XT type K-M4-V1-REI120-CV35-X120-H200-6.0

Dimensions include the following information:

  • Concrete cover CV
  • Insulation thickness X
  • Insulation height H

Dimensions may also include the following information:

  • Insulation length L or insulation width B (depending on installation position), if not the standard length of 1000mm
  • Bond length LR
  • Diameter Thread D

Isokorb® XT type K-M4-V1-REI120-CV35-X120-H200-6.0

The generation number changes as a result of product developments and concludes each product designation of a Schöck Isokorb®.

Example: Isokorb® XT type K-M4-V1-REI120-CV35-X120-H200-6.0