For energy-efficient precast walls.Schöck Isolink® for concrete facades.

The Schöck Isolink® is the energy-efficient alternative to conventional stainless steel dowels when connecting the concrete layers of core-insulated sandwich panel walls.

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Dependable thermal insulation

As a ‘Certified Passive House Component’, Schöck Isolink® guarantees dependable thermal separation in core-insulated concrete facades. This is due to the exceptionally low thermal conductivity of Combar® glass fibre composite from Schöck.

High functionality and safety

Schöck Isolink® also acts as a connector and spacer between the concrete layers within the wall. It is suitable both for supported and self-supporting facades and facilitates large-scale panel sizes  up to 6 x 12 m before an expansion joint is required.  All Schöck Isolink® product types for concrete facades have been tested and approved by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt).

Easy to install with all insulating materials

Compact and easy to install, Schöck Isolink® also improves cost efficiency when prefabricating concrete building components The round bar is easy to insert into the thermal insulation layer. It is a system that is suitable for any core-insulated wall.

For high-quality architectural concrete facades

The product variants equipped with depth limiter (TA-HC and TA-DC) enable construction of facades and walls up to architectural concrete class 4.

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