Glass fibre reinforcement Schöck Combar®: general building construction

Schöck Combar® for general building construction

If you want to minimize electromagnetic fields in your living environment, then the glass fibre reinforcement Schöck Combar® is the ideal, ecologically proven and certified product for you. The choice of building material plays a crucial role in your future well being in your own home. Combar® is neither electrically conductive nor magnetizable. The natural geomagnetic field remains unaffected. The carry-over of electrical fields is not possible. This type of reinforcement allows you to enjoy a healthy living and working environment.


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The glass fibre reinforcement Schöck Combar® is suitable for use in concrete components such as:

  • Foundations
  • Floor panels
  • Ceilings
  • Ring anchors
  • Beams
  • Supports


Case studies:

  • Bodenplatte Einfamilienhaus (Floor panels for single family homes), Iphofen
  • MCS-gerechtes Wohnen, Wohnanlage für umweltkranke Menschen (Residential housing for people suffering from environmental illnesses), Zürich, Switzerland
  • Bodenplatte Einfamilienhaus (Floor panels for single-family homes), Fahrwangen, Switzerland
  • Ceilings, ring anchors, floor panels, single-family homes, Schöftland, Switzerland

Detailed case studies can be found here.

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