Punching shear reinforcement for installation once the entire reinforcement is in place.

Schöck Bole® type O

Punching shear reinforcement Schöck Bole® type O is mounted after installation of the top and bottom slab reinforcement. This approach to installation is particularly recommended for slab thicknesses up to 30 cm and moderate reinforcement requirements. The product is supplied ready for installation; no further parts are needed for assembly. Schöck Bole® type O is suitable for installation on site.

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  • Customised
    Ready-to-install elements facilitate fast installation on site
  • Easy to install
    Inserted from above once the top and bottom reinforcement layers are in place
  • Optimum installation reliability
    Complete punching strips for best possible accuracy of stud location
  • Information tag
    On the first stud, with exact type designation. Position details can be added on request


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