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Knowledge and expertise are the key to success. Schöck brings building products education right to your doorstep. Our free digital training is open to everyone but is mainly adressed to architects, building physicians and structural engineers.

Our webinars focus primarily on the use of structural thermal breaks in concrete and steel construction or the use of impact sound insulation in staircases, sometimes with region-specific information on building code compliances and green certifications. In case these webinars are aimed to a special geographic area, we will mention it directly in the title of the webinar.

Take part in one of the free webinars. We look forward to your participation because one thing is certain: there is always something to learn.


Learning objectives:

  1. Understand how, why and where thermal bridging occurs
  2. Identify the three main problems caused by thermal bridging
  3. Discuss the pros and cons of different approaches to addressing the problem
  4. Know how, when and why to use structural thermal breaks
  5. How building codes throughout Canada are evolving and what it means for you.

Concrete slabs that project through the building envelope, such as those used in the construction of balconies and parapets, break the insulation layer and create thermal bridging. Incorporating a thermal break within structural elements significantly improves the thermal performance of building envelopes and helps avoid costly issues down the road. This session will be geared towards Canadian professionals, discussing province-specific codes and considerations.

Course is one hour in length. See registration page for full course details.

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08/05/2020 1:00 pm EDT

This is what you can expect from the free webinar:

  • Content
    • Why is sound insulation important?
      • Standards and regulations.
      • How to prove the performance of sound insulation products (DIN 7396).
      • Application Examples / Details
      • Questions and Answers
  • Target Group: Architects, Acoustic Engineers, Building Physicists and Developers
  • Webinar duration: 45 minutes

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08/20/2020 10.00 am BST
10/15/2020 10.00 am BST

This is what you can expect from the free webinar:

  • Content:
    • What thermal bridging is, where it occurs and its consequences
    • What the UK Building Regulations say and why we need to comply
    • How thermal bridging contributes to total heat loss
    • Thermal Break Structural design considerations
    • Balcony Design Software Intro
    • Designing Thermal Breaks with FEM
    • Examples of thermal break applications
  • Target Group: Structural Engineers
  • Webinar duration: 45 minutes

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08/25/2020 2.00 pm BST