Glass fibre reinforcement Schöck Combar®: infrastructure buildings

Schöck Combar® for infrastructure buildings

Infrastructures often have to be repaired or replaced because the steel reinforcement within them has corroded destroying the concrete microstructure. This particularly applies to bridges exposed to de-icing salts. When Schöck Combar® is installed, corrosion problems are eliminated.

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New high-speed rail links and streetcar lines are usually built using ballasted rail slabs. The continuous rails serve as an electrical medium for the signal transmission. The reinforcing steel in the rail slabs must be intricately grounded to allow the undisturbed transmission of these signals. When Schöck Combar® is installed, these grounding measures are unnecessary as the bar does not conduct electric currents. It may even be installed in close proximity to the induction coils used to operate rail switches.

Combar® does not corrode and does not conduct electric currents. It is therefore the perfect reinforcing material for

  • bridge decks
  • bridge curbs
  • barrier and parapet walls on bridges
  • sound barriers
  • ballasted rail slabs
  • airfields
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