Reliable punching protection.Schöck Bole®.

Flat slabs with studded support pillars offer numerous benefits when designing the layout of industrial and commercial buildings. They make it possible to include non-load-bearing partition walls, reduce the workload for formwork and reinforcement, permit interior finishing right up to the slab without any problems, and full use to be made of the height.

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Schöck Bole® punching shear reinforcement. To prevent punching shear in flat slabs.

Ready-to-install solution for preventing punching shear

The high load transfer around the columns on flat slabs and foundation plates can lead to punching shear failure. Schöck Bole® can prevent this: the reinforcement is ready for installation and assures optimum force absorption around the column area, thus resisting punching shear. In doing so, Schöck Bole® offers enhanced scope for delicate architectural design – with no need whatsoever for column capitals or drop panels.

The Schöck Bole® product range

Schöck Bole® is a dowel strip consisting of double headed studs with spacing bars to secure correct positioning. The various types of Schöck Bole® facilitate time-saving installation in different situations. Schöck Bole® type O is mounted after and type U before installation of the top and bottom slab reinforcement. Schöck Bole® type F was developed in collaboration with prefabricating plants in response to their particular needs. The modular structure of the spacer strip and double headed studs makes it perfectly suited for automated production workflows.