Glass fibre reinforcement Schöck Combar®: Foundation engineering and tunneling

Schöck Combar® for foundation engineering and tunneling

Inner city tunnels for subways, sewers and other infrastructure facilities are usually built using a tunnel boring machine (TBM). Steel reinforcement presents a problem as the TBM cannot drill through the steel reinforced shaft walls. When the walls have to be opened up manually, the soil behind these walls has to be stabilized. The installation of Schöck Combar® in the penetration area of the TBM makes all these measures unnecessary. The TBM drives and cuts directly through the head wall. Construction time and costs are greatly reduced and job site safety is also significantly improved.

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Because it is easily machined, Combar® is ideally suited for components which need to be cut or drilled through like for example:

  • soft-eyes in shaft walls at tunnelling projects
  • diaphragm walls
  • drilled pile walls
  • form-work anchors
  • temporary concrete buildings
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