Schöck Isolink®

Facades fasteners for design flexibility.Schöck Isolink®.

Schöck is known as the thermal break specialist in all areas of insulation and support of cantilevered structural elements. Schöck Isolink® extends this competence to facades – enabling freedom of design and mastery of relevant design issues.

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A twist on a classic

We have expanded our product portfolio based on the existing Thermoanker for core-insulated concrete walls and incorporated this into the Schöck Isolink® product family. This now includes a new thermal break fastener for rainscreen cladding  facades, which not only complements the product portfolio perfectly, but also offers  more freedom in terms of design and material selection.

No thermal bridges at the facade fasteners

The requirements stipulated in the EnEV energy-saving regulations have given rise to an increased demand for products that minimise thermal bridges. These requirements can no longer be met with thicker insulation alone, since increasing  the thermal insulation layer also increases the effects of the thermal bridges. In core-insulated concrete facades and rainscree cladding facades, for example, thermal bridges are created by fastenings made or stainless steel or aluminium. As a ‘Certified Passive House Component’, Schöck Isolink® with its glass fibre composite design guarantees dependable thermal separation.

Developed in collaboration with our customers

When it came to developing Schöck Isolink® for rainscreen cladding  facades, we started by speaking to the people who deal with facades day in, day out: our customers. Working together with experienced architects and facade engineers allowed us to establish a clear need.

Technical approval

All Schöck Isolink® product types have been tested and approved by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt).

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