Glass fibre reinforcement Schöck Combar®: Industrial and energy plants

Schöck Combar® for industrial and energy plants

Transformers and reactors in power plants, switchyards and industrial facilities (steel mills, aluminium smelters etc.) operate with high electric currents. Inductive currents are generated within the reinforcing steel if it is located too close to these coils. This can result in the heating up of the rebars and a loss of their strength. To avoid this, steel reinforced concrete elements must not be located within the magnetic clearance contour of these coils. Combar® bars do not conduct electro-magnetic currents. Therefore, Combar® reinforced foundations, walls and ceilings can be built near transformer coils and reactors. As a result, enclosures for these coils can be much smaller without hindering the performance of these machines. This significantly reduces construction and operating costs.

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Schöck Combar® does not conduct electric currents. It is, therefore, ideally suited for installations in

  • enclosures and foundations of transformers and reactors
  • switchyards
  • steel mills
  • aluminium smelters
  • industrial facilities
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