Vancouver, CA

Westerleigh Retirement Residence

Westerleigh Retirement Residence

A half mile of continuous balconies at Westerleigh Retirement Residence wrap the south and west sides of all seven floors. Structural thermal breaks prevent cold exterior extensions of warm interior support structures from wasting heat, chilling interior floors and causing condensation that can encourage mould growth.

Westerleigh Retirement Residence

The Westerleigh Retirement Residence in Vancouver, BC

Westerleigh Retirement Residence

Isokorb® T structural thermal breaks installed where continuous balconies penetrate the building envelope reduce heat loss by up to 90% at the penetration and up to 14% for the building overall, while increasing the warmth of adjacent interior floors by up to 27°F/15°C.

Westerleigh Retirement Residence

More than 100 of Westerleigh’s rental suites include balconies, which are thermally broken from interior support structures using Isokorb® T structural thermal breaks. In addition to reducing heat loss and carbon emissions, they improve comfort for senior occupants by increasing interior floor temperatures.

Westerleigh Retirement Residence

The Westerleigh Retirement Residence in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver's Westerleigh Retirement Residence showcases the value of implementing Schöck Isokorb® T

Sustainability was one of the key components in The Westerleigh Retirement Residences. In order to reduce the amount of energy consumed (with a LEED Gold Standard certification as the objective), energy efficient products such as Schöck Isokorb® T were used in the retirement residence.

A thermal bridge was evident between the internal slab of the building and continuous cantilevered balconies along the building's perimeter. "Schöck Isokorb® T thermal breaks can reduce the overall heat loss of an otherwise high quality wall system by up to 25%, a very significant jump in performance. Any other method of insulating balconies or overhangs will cost much more than the Isokorb® T and will be far more difficult and time consuming to construct," says Rob Simpson, P Eng and principal with Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers in Vancouver, B.C.

"Westerleigh was developed by an owner with an appreciation of the health as well as the financial benefits of improved thermal performance, user comfort and healthy living environments." said Rob Simpson, P Eng. "This project was an ideal opportunity to showcase the value of the Schöck Isokorb® T." The Westerleigh highlights numerous features of sustainable design, including a green roof with drought-tolerant vegetation, the reduced use of potable water, and innovative heat recovery strategies.

Sustainable Building with Structural Thermal Breaks

"We provided structural drawings and Schöck designed their structural thermal break element specifically to the project. Schöck engineered the product to meet the need. This product will likely help us to achieve LEED credits for Innovation in Design and for thermal comfort." says Russell Hobbs, Project Manager for Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities.


The Westerleigh Retirement Residence


Helen Besharat and Shane Friars, Besharat Friars Architects

Structural Engineer

Glotman Simpson, Levi Stoelting Project Manager

Construction Company

Ventana Construction Corporation

Start of construction

November 2011

End of construction

June 2013