Impact sound insulation

Peace and quiet is an elementary basic need that is synonymous with a high level of living comfort, especially within one's own four walls. However, this tranquility can quickly be disturbed by noise from neighboring rooms, the staircase or from balconies and arcades. The cause is sound bridges, which are created by rigid connections between components.

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When a component is walked on, impact sound is generated and is radiated by adjacent components to penetrate your home as perceived noise. For example, a single pebble is enough to reduce the acoustic insulation by about 10 dB, which leads to a doubling of the subjectively perceived volume.

This noise not only affects quality of living but can also damage health and reduce the value of a property. To prevent this from happening, there are statutory and private-law requirements relating to sound insulation as well as product solutions that effectively and safely comply with impact sound insulation.

Schöck offers solutions that ensure compliance with impact sound insulation requirements in stairwells, and balconies and arcades. The Schöck Tronsole® impact-sound-insulation element is a sound-insulation system made up of different components. These are tested according to DIN 7396 and combine optimally with each other. Coupled with an impact-sound-insulation structure for balconies and arcades, the Schöck Isokorb® XT or CXT load bearing thermal insulation element meets the requirements for increased impact sound insulation.