The right solution for load-bearing building components

Choose from a wide range of Isokorb® structural thermal breaks to insulate your concrete and steel connections for balconies, canopies, steel beams, concrete parapets and exposed slab edge applications…Schöck North America has the right solution for your next project. Select one of the applications below to explore our solutions.

Case studies

Schöck Isokorb® concrete-to-concrete, steel-to-steel and concrete-to-steel structural thermal breaks improve building envelope performance by insulating and supporting balconies, canopies, parapets and exposed slab edges that penetrate the walls of the structure. Many top architectural and engineering firms throughout North America specify them, and many developers are now insisting upon using them to meet and exceed increasingly more stringent building energy codes. Below are some examples of past projects that have incorporated our structural thermal breaks into their building designs and can now have peace of mind knowing that their building envelope is well protected against thermal bridging. 


3 Reasons to Specify Schöck