Thermal insulation

Climate protection and sustainability are becoming increasingly important for the building industry. Mounting requirements relating to the reduction of energy losses are the result. Thermal insulation of buildings is thus becoming increasingly important.

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Energy losses occur at localized disruptions in the building envelope that cause higher thermal conduction than in the adjacent construction, e.g. balcony connections, columns, or façade anchors. These disruptions are called thermal bridges and their increased thermal conduction causes increased energy loss, which results in a lower surface temperature in the interior. This creates a high risk of mold growth, health hazards and reduced living comfort. Other possible consequences are accumulation of condensate and damage to the building fabric.

A distinction is made between geometric thermal bridges and structural thermal bridges. Due to their combination of geometric and structural thermal bridges, balconies and access balconies are among the most critical thermal bridges in a building. A thermal separation is therefore particularly important to avoid large energy losses.

Construction thermal bridges play an equally large part in a building’s energy loss. These occur when load-bearing forces are transferred through the insulating layer. They therefore occur in the area of construction connections, such as balcony or roof/outer wall connections. For all these areas, Schöck offers efficient solutions for the thermal separation of components. In this way, these components no longer count as part of the heated volume of the thermal building envelope and heat losses are reduced.

From a thermal break for balconies and the thermal separation of reinforced concrete walls and columns to the energy-efficient fastening of core-insulated concrete façades and rainscreen cladding façades: withIsokorb®, Sconnex® and Isolink® product solutions, Schöck closes construction thermal bridges and thus makes an essential contribution to energy loss reduction, climate protection and sustainability.

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