Karlsruhe, DE

Residential park at the south end of Luisenstrasse

The “Wohnpark in der südlichen Luisenstrasse” residential project was built in Karlsruhe in 2015. At the client’s request, architects AGP Generalplaner GmbH designed the building with enhanced impact sound insulation. Schöck Tronsole® was chosen as the impact sound insulation system for the stairs.

Spacious rental and owner-occupied apartments with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms were designed on a floor area totalling 18,000 m². All of the stairs in the buildings comply with the requirements of soundproofing level III as per VDI 4100 or DEGA class B. Specifically, the measured standard impact sound level of the stairs and landings ranges between 32 dB and 38 dB. These levels are about 10 dB better than the required standard impact sound level of 46 dB. By comparison: A reduction of 10 dB is equivalent to reducing the volume by half.  The residents in the complex in Karlsruhe will notice this difference quite clearly. By not being able to impact noise from the stairs. The stairs are soundproofed using Schöck Tronsole® type F on the ceiling slabs while Tronsole® type Z separates the landings from the stairs and outer walls. The supporting element for the Tronsole® type Z was cemented into the 26 cm landing back at the prefabricating plant. Accordingly, the Tronsole® type Z wall element was installed and type F fastened to the landings and stairs on site.