Mannheim, DE

Large power station (GKM)

In preparation for the subsequent pipe penetrations, four drilled piles were reinforced with machinable Schöck Combar® in the area of the cooling water intake structures. In the second phase in autumn 2010, the four piles were then reinforced with Combar® along the entire length, not just in the area of the subsequent penetration.

In a second part of the GKM project, Combar® bars and Combar® stirrups were used as non-ferrous reinforcement where lines were channelled through floor slabs. Working together, planners LAP and Combar® Design Support Department opted for a design that enabled installation of the Combar® stirrups without the need for structural load-bearing ability.

Building contractor

Herberger-Bau GmbH

Building contractor/Builder

ARGE GKM Block 9

Structural engineer

Leonhardt, Andrä & Partner Consultant engineers: VBI GmbH


2010 (Combar®)