Algiers, DZ

Great Mosque of Algiers

Schöck’s technical solutions for the third largest mosque in the world

The Djamaâ El Djazaïr Mosque in Algiers under construction is to become the third largest mosque in the world, expecting 120,000 visitors per day.

As appropriate in traditional architecture of Islamic places of worship, the largest part of the exterior facade will be covered with natural stone. What is extraordinary, however, is that the 265-meter minaret – highest minaret in the world – will be crowned by a modern glass construction.

In addition to the aesthetics, functional aspects have to be taken into account for this imposing building. It will be housing not only a huge prayer hall, but also a museum, a research center, a conference center, a library and a Koran college which will be connected to apartments,

Some of the most important points in this case were the avoidance of thermal bridges and the associated heating effects as well as the use of expansion joints between the precast stairs and floors and between landings and walls.

Schöck, as an international specialist for thermal insulating products, has the appropriate solution for both situations: the static load-bearing Isokorb® T for the thermal separation, the ready-to-install single shear dowel ESD for the precast stairs and the heavy-duty dowel SLD for the stair landings.

In comparison to the conventional labor-intensive methods, these are extremely cost-effective solutions that allow horizontal movements and vertical load transmission. All dowels are made of stainless steel, so that there is no risk of corrosion and their load-bearing capacity is guaranteed at all times. The type ESD single shear dowel especially, is the ideal connection element for applications with medium to low loads and relatively thin load-bearing components. This dowel type has now been redesigned in the form of Schöck Dorn type LD and the load capacity per diameter more than doubled. Furthermore, the new type LD has European technical assessment approval and carries a CE mark. The type SLD is a heavy-duty dowel with very high load-bearing capacity even in thin structural components that is used mainly for connecting statically important areas such as ceiling connections.


KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten, Frankfurt/Main


Agence Nationale de Réalisation et de Gestion de Djamaâ El Djazair (ANARGEMA), Algiers

Structural engineers

Cancer+PINE Ingenieure GmbH, Darmstadt

Construction company

China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd (CSCEC)