London, GB

Central Harbour

The development district now known as London Docklands is an area alongside the River Thames to the East and South East of London. The Harbour Central project involves the construction of a large single storey reinforced concrete basement, high-rise reinforced concrete cores and frames varying in height from 24 to 41 storeys, plus two low-rise reinforced concrete cores and frames.

The product used to prevent punching failure throughout the Harbour Central development is the Schöck Bole® reinforcement system. This widely used and trusted Schöck Bole® solution consists of double-headed studs and anchors, with spacing bars, which enable installation after the bottom reinforcement and before the top layer. The two-spacer rods, which are welded to the vertical studs, ensure the correct distance between uprights and the size of the stud heads guarantee a perfect finishing bond with the concrete. As result, when compared with a typical stirrup reinforcement system, an increased shear force resistance of around 70% is achieved. It is cost-effective and timesaving solution and as the Modebest Senior Engineer on site, Sean Togher commented:  “The Schöck Bole® product was easy to understand from a reference point of view and we found it really straightforward to install”.