Hilversum, NL

Belvedere Hilversum

The Belvedere project is characterised by a unique architecture and is a true asset to Hilversum. Schöck engineered the Isokorf® anchors for the cantilevered balconies.

The Belvedere residential building starts narrow at the bottom and widens uniformly upwards. This gives the residential tower a futuristic and slender appearance. With a surface of 450 m2 at the bottom there would normally have been room for only 4 apartments per floor, making a total of 44 apartments. The client's desire to create more and larger apartments led René van Zuuk Architects to design the building in this way.

Due to the cantilever, a larger number of apartments (55 units) can be achieved and the size of the apartment varies. In addition, the current design also has the advantage that more public space remains. The building has spacious and wide cantilevered balconies.

Balcony anchoring with wall brackets

The project has a total of 36 cantilevered concrete balconies, which Schöck worked out for Granito Beton. All the balconies are connected with Isokorf® type W, which have been custom engineered according to the dimensions of the balcony and the forces to be absorbed. In this anchoring solution, the concrete curbs were used to anchor the balconies to the rear walls. In addition to a secure connection, the Isokorf® type W elements also provide a thermal break and thus a thermal bridge connection.

Winner of the Hilversum Prize for Architecture

The professional jury declared the Belvedère project the winner of the Hilversum Architecture Prize 2019. The project was described by the jury as "innovative and exciting" and the building gives a picture of "the architecture of the future".