Schöck Isokorb® XT type Q

The Schöck Isokorb® XT type Q with compression module HTE Compact® and 120 mm insulation thickness is a load bearing thermal break element for transferring shear forces on supported balconies, recessed balconies and for occasional peak shear forces.

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Schöck Isokorb® XT type Q for supported balconies

The following Q types are available:

XT type Q: transfers positive shear forces with continuous support
XT type Q-P: transfers positive shear forces with point support
XT type Q-PZ: transfers positive shear forces with point support and zero stress connection
XT type Q-Z: add-on element without pressure bearing pad, transfers positive shear forces

  • BBA Certification
    Technically approved and certified by the BBA
  • Fire resistance class REI 120
    Also available in fire resistance class REI 120
  • Detailed planning literature
    Technical Information, Certificates, Approvals, the Thermal Bridging Portal and Installation instructions
  • Standardised
    Available in standard heights of 160mm – 250mm; other heights and constructions available on request
  • Best possible thermal insulation
    120 mm insulation thickness and compression module HTE Compact® made of high-density micro-fibre reinforced concrete
  • Certified Passive House component
    Certified by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany
  • Compression module HTE Compact®
    For simple installation on site or at the prefabricating plant
Installation instructions
Installation Instruction Schöck Isokorb® Type QXT
pdf, 839,25 KB
Technical Information
Technical Information Schöck Isokorb® XT type Q, Q-VV, Q-Z
pdf, 1,00 MB
Environmental Product Declaration EPD Schöck Isokorb® Type QXT
pdf, 1,31 MB
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