Material.Schöck Combar®.

Schöck Combar® (composite rebar) is classed as a so-called fibre composite. These composites combine fibres with other materials to produce better properties and synergy effects. The properties of the resulting material can be customised by fibre material, fibre pattern and a choice of suitable additives and bonding agents.

One of the best known materials in this class is glass fibre reinforcement that is used in a wide range of industries, such as electrics or shipbuilding to create products that are lightweight, strong, robust and durable.

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1. E-CR glass fibre │ 2. Strandbundling procedure │ 3. Vinyl ester resin impregnation │ 4. Cutting of ribs │ 5. Coating

The tensile strength of Schöck Combar® is far better than that of reinforcing steel. It is proven to last more than 100 years, even in chemically aggressive surroundings. The bond properties and creep behaviour are similar to those of steel rebar.

load-bearing elements, unusual loads, anchors and fasteners

Schöck Combar® is permanently alkali resistant. Nor do carbonation or de-icing salts cause corrosion or other damage to the reinforcement. Coating the cracks of concrete elements to protect the reinforcement is not necessary.

Bridges, façade elements, industrial floors, soundproof walls, brickwork reconstruction, multi-storey car parks, shore protection, ports

Schöck Combar® is neither electroconductive nor magnetisable. It does not interact with electrical fields, e.g. induction where transformers or highly-sensitive electrical measuring and control instruments are present.

Rail and tram slab tracks, research facilities, industrial floors with driverless transport systems, electricity transmission intrastructure, general building construction (structural biology)

Schöck Combar® can be easily cut to length with an angle grinder or steel saw, which makes it the ideal choice for retrofit openings, in temporary elements or structures, and in tunnel construction (passageway for tunnel boring machines in pit walls).

retrofit openings, scheduled asset retirements, tunnel construction (start and destination shafts)

The thermal conductivity of Schöck Combar® is so low that creating connections with Schöck Combar® can prevent thermal bridges.

Schöck Isolink® for sandwich and core-insulated double walls, façade anchors

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