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Schöck Ltd

Postal Address:
Schöck Ltd
Staniford House
4 Wedgwood Road
OX26 4UL
Tel.: 0845 241 3390
Fax: 0845 241 3391

Reg. No. 5622775 registered in England and Wales

Managing Directors: Chris Willett, Thomas Stürzl

VAT Registration No GB 867 9673 47

Should you have any questions or comments regarding the content of this publication, the Schöck Ltd team are ready to help you on the following contact numbers:

Marketing services

When you wish to receive brochures, technical information and price lists please call:

Tel: +44 1295 724125
Fax: +44 1295 724123

Press and the Media should call

Tel: +49 7223 967-471
Fax: +49 7223 967-458

Application technology

For technical questions about the Schöck range of products please call:

Tel: 0845 241 3390
Fax: 0845 241 3391

Central customer order service

Customer orders and price enquiries please call:

Tel: 0845 241 3390
Fax: 0845 241 3391

Data Protection

We take protection of your private data very seriously and want you to feel safe and at-home when you visit our web site. Therefore your personal data or any other manual entries that you make, is exclusively for use in correspondence or for the benefit of your account and will only be saved for use in a secure window such as the price enquiry window. No cookies are sent to you. All data received by Schöck is treated as private and confidential in line with the laws pertaining to data protection and protection of the private realm. Our organisational and technical digital security is in keeping with the highest industry standards and practices and is constantly updated to stay at the cutting edge of internet security. Your details will not be given to any third party without your express permission. We will be glad to inform you of your full legal rights and privilegs under the afore-mentioned acts. All stored data regarding your account will be made available upon request. Furthermore you have the right to have all data referring to you and kept by Schöck deleted at any time. Please note that although we take all reasonable precautions for the safety and security of our customers, that links reached from our website may not have the same standards regarding data protection.

Information technology protection

The information that we provide at the Schöck internet site is carfefully checked for accuracy and is constantly updated and re-checked for our customers. Although the strongest measures are taken to offer current information, changes to individual technical points are still possible. On these grounds we can give no guarantee for either the current stand nor accurancy of the information contained here in.

Forecasts and estimates are based on client input data and as such may contain errors; Schöck Bauteile cannot be held responsible for the accurancy of such forecasts and estimates and cannot guarantee their actualisation. These conditions apply to websites from other companies reached by hyperlink from our website. Contents of such websites may have altered since the creation of the hyperlink, thus Schöck cannot accept responsibility for the current content of such sites. We reserve our legal right to expand, update or change the content of our website without further notice.

Source protection

The content and construction of the Schöck Bauteile website is subject to copyright and patent law. Unauthorised use and/or copying of material either text or pictures form this site without having obtained previous permission is strictly forbidden. The material and data available from the download section of this site, i. e. the Schöck measurement and estimate programme is subject to the disclaimer and licence condition which can be found therein.

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