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On these pages, you will find all sorts of interesting information about working at Schöck, a leader in the field of innovative construction solutions.

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Are you looking for a job with a future?  

Keenly aware of the fact that the future of our company lies in the hands of those individuals shaping it, we are looking for motivated experts to ensure the highest level of quality and service to our customers.

As a result, we look forward to your job application and the new ideas which you will bring with you. We always welcome unsolicited applications.

Are you full of ideas?

Then we look forward to receiving your application.

You have to like doing a job to do it really well

If you enjoy your work, you will achieve more. Learn more about the world of Schöck here, even before you apply for a job and start work. We communicate openly, honestly and transparently. For us, this constitutes a cornerstone of our corporate culture.

From day one, we put our faith in your ideas and performance capabilities. Every single member of staff at Schöck is given the opportunity to take on responsibility.

Respect among team members is one of the keys to corporate productivity. Individual team members can complement, inspire, and rely on each other.

We are proud of how long our staff stay with the company. They are the heart and driving force behind our ability to secure a solid position in the marketplace.

Our key to success? The values we practice every day.

An entrepreneurial attitude and a fair and employee-focused corporate culture complement each other perfectly at Schöck. The one assures the other's long-term success and enables us, as a company, to deliver outstanding performance.

Customer satisfaction is our highest measure of quality – only then do we claim to have achieved our goal. Success motivates us to continuously improve our products and services and to adapt them to market conditions.

Nobody is perfect at Schöck: We learn from mistakes and see them as an important part of a process.

As an employer, we are committed to encouraging a social attitude among people – both within our company and in all areas of society.

To the Schöck trust

Members of management at Schöck see their role as motivating their teams, delegating responsibility, and giving their reports room to make decisions. Their feedback is fair, and provides clear guidance to the members of staff at Schöck.

This is how we bring our values to life. You can rely on them:

Our values and business principles

Our appreciation of your motivation

Appreciation is a term that accompanies us through every day at work. Appreciation is an important part of our corporate culture,

which we demonstrate with fair and transparent remuneration packages, by placing our trust in your ability to think for yourself, and by providing honest feedback on your work. As a member of our staff, you can take advantage of manifold development opportunities, and benefit from extensive social programmes and the firm belief within the company that caring for your health is a mutual responsibility.

Personnel development

We invest extensively in training and developing our staff to ensure outstanding professionalism in responding to present and future requirements in the marketplace and our ability to deliver peak performance. We strive to link the training programmes to our corporate targets and the personal development goals of all employees and managers. To keep our staff for a long time, we must offer long-term perspectives for growing together with our company.

Personnel development at Schöck aims to ensure comprehensive and all-inclusive qualification of our staff and development of our managers, based on systematic succession planning. Members of staff and management learn material competencies (management, leadership, method, personal and key competencies) in customised modules, setting standards throughout the company. This ensures we all speak the same language.

Your personal development at Schöck starts with annual employee assessment and guidance meetings, where you and your supervisor determine together which qualifications you need to perform your assignments.


"Investors in People" is a certification that is recognised throughout Europe as an accreditation for companies whose efforts to realise and develop the potential of their staff are exemplary.

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