All types at a glance.Schöck Combar®.

Straight bars

As a load bearing reinforcement that absorbs tensile forces in concrete

When steel reaches its limits: Schöck ComBAR®

Diameter / Standard lengths

Ø 8 mm / 10 m
Ø 12 mm / 11,80 m
Ø 16 mm / 11,80 m
Ø 20 mm / 11,80 m
Ø 25 mm / 11,80 m
Ø 32 mm / 14 m

Other diameters are available on request

Bar with shear stud anchor

As a shear reinforcement for slabs and balconies exposed to shear stress, for reducing the anchor length of straight bars

Schöck ComBAR® head

Diameter / Standard lengths

Ø 12 mm / up to 4 m
Ø 16 mm / up to 4 m
Ø 20 mm / up to 4 m
Ø 25 mm / up to 4 m
Ø 32 mm / up to 4 m

Other diameters are available on request

Bent bars / Stirrups

For cage reinforcement and installation - Bent bars are prefabricated before shipment to the building site.

Schöck ComBAR® stirrup

Diameter / Maximum length

12 mm / up to 6.5 m
16 mm / up to 6.5 m
20 mm / up to 6.5 m

Plastic clips and spacers

If you want your reinforced structure to be entirely non-metallic, we can provide plastic clips as spacers for right-angled connections between the Schöck Combar® bars and plastic tubes.


The clips can be attached to the bars using a rubber hammer, for example. Currently, clips are available for joining bars measuring 8 mm to 8 mm and 12 mm to 12 mm. Plastic cable ties can also be used to join the bars.

ComBAR® Spacer

The tube is delivered to the building site in 2 m lengths. It can be cut to the required length on site, using a pair of pliers or a wood saw, for example.

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