Schöck Tronsole® type L

Load-bearing Schöck Tronsole® types can be upgraded to surrounding soundproof systems using Schöck Tronsole® type L. Sound insulation measures can only be effective if all joints between staircase wall and staircase (steps and landing) remain free from soiling. All sound insulation performance figures for Schöck Tronsole® types relate to systems incorporating type L in the joint areas. Alternatively, a sufficiently wide architectural air joint is also possible. It must, however, be wide enough to prevent acoustic bridges forming when dirt drops through.

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  • Available in two heights: 420 mm and 250 mm
    For optimised adjustment to standard tread and landing slab thicknesses.
  • Full-surface adhesive strip
    For simple, quick and secure installation
  • Cost-efficient L kit available
    15x type L joint panels, adhesive tape, cutter and pen
  • Suitable for emergency exits
    Confirmed in the fire safety certificate
Staircase systems