New Specification Engineer role at Schöck

Chirag Patel has been appointed to the newly created position of Specification Engineer at Schöck. In this role, designed to enhance the already extensive technical team support available from the company, Chirag will provide tech-nical guidance and assistance to specifiers, structural engineers and other users in the design principles and most effective use of Schöck structural thermal break elements. This is through a combination of direct contact and use of the advanced software available from the company.

It is part of the Schöck ethos that customer satisfaction plays a key role in the company's behaviour and this applies as much to developing services as it does to developing products. By necessity the engineers in the technical team are primarily project orientated, working closely with clients on specific day-to-day issues. However, it is recognised that there is scope for a role with a broader more 'educative' approach, placing greater emphasis on the general principles of thermal break issues and good design practice

As a result, In addition to providing expert advice, Chirag will offer lecturing and training sessions, including advanced CPD seminars, with the purpose of ensur-ing safe in-house project design for a wide variety of users.

Chirag joined Schöck in 2011 as a Design Engineer, after gaining an M.SC. in Civil and Structural Engineering from the University of Sheffield in 2006. Prior to that, he was originally a site engineer for MNC in India; before moving to the UK to complete his degree course, then joining an Oxfordshire based consul-tancy company as a graduate structural engineer.

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