New generation thermal breaks – Schöck Stand E3060

With increasingly stringent low energy standard guidelines and building regulation requirements in mind, Schöck is introducing two new generations of thermal break units for balcony and parapet applications on Stand E3060 at Ecobuild this year. Visitors can see an in situ version of the latest Isokorb type K; with 25% improved thermal insulation over the previous generation, plus an optimised and more efficient load-bearing performance. It is also assessed as a Certified Passive House Component, a standard being increasingly specified in the UK.

Another exciting new development is the Isokorb type AXT, which offers a cost-effective and more thermally efficient method of insulating parapets. It has low psi-values and therefore significantly reduces heat loss. Crucially there is no wrapping required, so it permits a more sophisticated construction opportunity for greater freedom of design and there is no risk of any additional thermal bridging through balustrade fixings. Other key factors are durability and water impermeability, so the Isokorb type AXT does not require maintenance and there is no risk of expensive restoration due to waterproofing problems.

In addition, the tried and trusted Isokorb types KS and KST; the new BIM database; a Thermal Bridging Calculator; and other digital services to assist with planning and calculation also feature. The Schöck team will of course be on hand to offer their help and advice on any topic that may be of interest to you.

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