Vienna, AT

Tokyo Street

Increasingly intelligent and unconventional design solutions involving community buildings is high on the agenda for Vienna based architects ARTEC Achitekten.  This is certainly reflected in their approach to a high density project in Tokyo Street, Vienna. In total, 720 Isokorb® T units are incorporated into the Tokyo Street project. In addition, 134 Schöck Tronsole® units have also been used in the staircase construction as soundproofing.  Today, good sound proofing is an increasingly important characteristic, particularly in the stairwells of apartment buildings.  The Schöck Tronsole® is a complete, dependable, ready to build impact sound insulation system that is quick and cost-effective to install and meets compliance with the necessary building stairway regulations.


ARTEC Architekten, Vienna, Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl

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