Bonn, DE

Kameha Grand Hotel

Winner of the MIPM 2010 award for Hotels and Tourism, which is presented for outstanding real state projects worldwide, the Kameha Grand was designed by architect Karl-Heinz Schommer Bonner. The unique elliptical section design did however make serious demands on the requirement for protection against thermal bridging. The architect discussed the issue with Schöck, the European specialists in thermal bridging solutions and it was agreed that a combination of three product variants would meet the requirement.

The outer concrete arches on the roof and facade of the building cantilever 1.30 m on each side and this, combined with the subtle design of the facade, meant that it was not possible to use a standard thermal break solution. To minimise any thermal bridging problems along the two outer arcs an inventive solution had to be found by the Schöck design team. This was achieved by dividing the projecting element of the framework into a number of sections and using the appropriate Isokorb® T for the required forces. At the ground floor Isokorb® T type Q is used, with T type D being installed higher up the structure, followed by T type K on the top floor. Because of the arch profile, the Isokorb® T type D was cut and installed at 90 degrees and run under the curved edge of the roof emergency exits, providing F90 fire protection.

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