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Expansion joints must be provided in long elements and buildings to avoid cracks caused by temperature expansion or concrete contraction. The elements separated by the joint must, however, be supported to enable load transfer. Cantilevers or double walls are frequently planned on both sides of the joint for this purpose. But these solutions are very work-intensive and take up space.

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Single shear connectors for transferring shear forces

The shear connector

The simplest solution for transferring forces in expansion joints is to use the shear connector Schöck Dorn LD. This dowel connects the elements on each side of the joint without the need for additional constructions. In doing so, it transfers shear forces while sustaining the necessary mobility.

  • More than just a constructive connection
    The shear connector Schöck Dorn LD is the first single shear dowel to obtain European technical approval as a load bearing connector in reinforced concrete structures.
  • Optimum solution
    The shear connector Schöck Dorn LD dowels are available in a choice of 5 diameters and made of stainless steel or hot galvanised steel, and can be perfectly suited to the load and ambient conditions
  • Simple to design
    With design program or simple tables
  • Saves costs
    The use of high-strength steel permits smaller diameters and shorter dowels
Installation instructions
Installation Instruction Schöck Dorn LD
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Technical Information
Technical Information Schöck Dorn type LD
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