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Different spellings of company name Schöck vs. Schoeck

Why is the spelling of the company name in the web address and emails different from the logo? 

As you know, the company is named after its founder, Mr. Eberhard Schöck, who invented the first commercially available structural thermal break. He built the company into the global leader it is today, with its world headquarters in Baden-Baden, Germany, and businesses in 14 other countries worldwide.

In the German language, the umlaut (the two dots above the “o” in the company name) is a common character. In most of the rest of the world’s alphabets, this character is not available or commonly used, so the letters “oe” often replace it to indicate the same sound.

As an international company, Schöck has made the decision to transition to a more universal spelling of the name for our URL and our email addresses. As advanced as today's technology has become, there are many instances where special characters are not allowed, which poses a problem when using the original company name spelling. With this in mind, our global website address will now be and our email addresses will now end in “” globally. This will serve to unify all company email and websites under one spelling and allow for broader representation in a technology environment. The logo and the name of the company will still be written as Schöck, so nothing has changed in that regard. Invoices and legal contracts must still be addressed to the individual company name – Schoeck Canada Inc. and Schöck USA Inc. – not Schöck North America. Please reach out to us should you have any questions.


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