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Different spellings of company name Schöck vs. Schoeck

Why is the spelling of the company name in the web address, emails and text different from the logo? A very good question!

As you know, the company is named after its founder, Mr. Eberhard Schöck, who invented the first commercially available structural thermal break. He built the company into the global leader it is today, with its world headquarters in Baden-Baden, Germany, and businesses in 14 other countries worldwide.

In the German language, the umlaut (the two dots above the “o” in the company name) is a common character. In most of the rest of the world’s alphabets, this character is not available or commonly used, so the letters “oe” often replace it to indicate the same sound.

As an international company, Schöck will be transitioning to a more universal spelling of the name in our URL, our email addresses and in written communications, starting at the end of 2020. While the logo will remain as “Schöck”, our global website address will change to, our email addresses will now end in “” and you will notice on our website that the company name will be written as “Schoeck” – no more special characters to figure out how to type! Although this may take a little while to get used to, we hope that in the long run it will serve to simplify and unify our brand throughout all countries across the globe.


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