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Welcome to an inside look at Schöck North America. If you are considering a role within Schöck, this section will offer some insight into what makes us tick and what you can expect from being a part of our team.

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Why Schöck

At Schöck, we strive to develop a stronger, healthier and more sustainable environment every day – through our products, our actions and our interactions with others. We come from all different parts of the USA and Canada and apply an amazing depth of experience to our work. In addition to our professional talents, our roster includes hunters, fishermen, designers, musicians, golfers, poker players and competitive athletes. Despite our varied interests, we all share the common desire to build trusted partnerships…with our customers, our business partners and each other.

Life at Schöck

We realize that if you enjoy your work, you will achieve more. Here at Schöck, we value the contributions of all team members, and strive to create a collaborative environment where we can complement, inspire and rely upon one another. Our employees are our heart and soul – and the driving force behind our ability to expand our business and create a solid position as an industry leader. Here's what some of our people have to say about life at Schöck...

Schöck Employee Testimonials
Joe Fyock Internal Sales Manager

I have found my work at Schöck to be interesting, exciting and rewarding. I am very happy to be working at bringing products to North America that are good for our environment, that improve the living space for the tenants of the buildings on which they are incorporated, and that provide value for the owners of the buildings on which they are used. Being part of great company that cares for its employees, lives by values beyond just making a profit, and one that will never be sold for the sake of making a quick buck were all ideals that brought me to Schöck - the company has more than exceeded my expectations on all fronts.

Jonathan Carreiro, Product Manager

I moved from Canada to Germany to work at Schöck's headquarters in Baden-Baden. I like working for a company that creates innovative products which help improve the efficiency of building envelope design. I feel this is an important area of development in the construction industry in North America. I like to work with Architects and Engineers and be involved in many different types of projects. I also find Schöck to be a company with progressive employment benefits and I enjoy being located in Europe for the ability to travel.

Tracy Dacko, Marketing Manager

Working for Schöck has been a breath of fresh air for me. They really care about their employees as individuals, in addition to the company and the customers. The breadth of knowledge and experience, coupled with the dynamics of our North American tribe make it a pleasure to come to work. It was important for me to work for a company with a conscience and one where I could truly make a difference…and Schöck has given me exactly that. We have a great blend of energy, ideas and mutual support for one another, and it’s an exciting time to be a part of this team.

Benefits at Schöck

There are many benefits to working at Schöck, although in our eyes, it's the people that make the biggest difference. That said, we all want to know about benefits, so here are a few of the highlights:

  • Healthcare

    Schöck North America offers all full-time employees a comprehensive insurance plan (medical, dental, vision, short- & long-term disability) with a 100% company-paid premium.

  • Life Insurance
    Schöck North America offers all full-time employees a competitive life insurance plan with a 100% company-paid premium.
  • Retirement Savings

    Employees working for Schöck USA, Inc. for over a year may enroll in a 401K plan where the company contributes 3% of gross earnings per employee, regardless of their contribution. Team members working for Schoeck Canada, Inc. automatically participate in a company-sponsored retirement plan.

  • Paid Time Off

    Schöck North America believes that rested employees are more creative and productive in the workplace. For this reason, we offer a generous paid time off program – including vacation time, holidays and sick days – to all full-time employees. Our paid time off starts at 4 weeks per year.

  • Work/Life Flexibility

    We believe flexibility and mutual trust are essential components in creating the optimal work/life balance. Everyone has a life to live and personal needs to tend to – whether caring for a sick family member or being present for your child’s big tournament. As a team and as individuals, we are happier, stronger and more successful when given the latitude to adjust life and work commitments, allowing us to thrive in both.

  • Where We Work

    About half of the team members work from our bright, modern Princeton, NJ, office, which is just a seven minute walk from downtown Princeton and Princeton University’s architecturally rich campus. Shops, restaurants and walking trails contribute to the area’s charm and convenience. Our Sales Managers are local to their region and visit the NJ office for meetings as needed. Schöck's World Headquarters is based in beautiful Baden-Baden, Germany, a spa town at the edge of the Black Forest and 30 minutes from the French border. All full-time employees have the opportunity to visit HQ for training and meetings with international colleagues.

  • Training the Team

    At Schöck North America, we invest in the training and development of our employees so they can meet their full professional potential. All employees have the opportunity to receive training, both domestically and internationally, to enhance their skills and job satisfaction. 

  • Continuous Improvement Program

    Through our global continuing improvement process, employees have the opportunity to contribute ideas and strategies that help the functionality of the company. Selected winners receive a bonus for sharing their knowledge and experience in a way that benefits everyone.

  • Employee Referral Program

    Great people attract other great people! That's why we encourage our current employees to be on the lookout for our next team member. Referral bonuses are awarded if the referred candidate is hired.

If you’re looking to start the next chapter in your career and are interested in making an impact, reach out and tell us why you believe you’d be a great addition to the Schöck team.


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