Schöck Bole® SR.Punching Shear Reinforcement Products.

Cost effective, dynamic and simple to install: Schöck Bole® SR provides an efficient punching shear reinforcement solution when reinforcing concrete slabs with shear studs. It guarantees optimum force resistance around columns and prevents punching shear failure. The punching shear reinforcement element is easy to install, either at the prefabricating plant or on site.

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Eliminate punching shear failure

Flat slabs with studded support pillars offer numerous benefits when designing the layout of industrial and commercial buildings. They make it possible to include non-load bearing partition walls, reduce the workload for formwork and reinforcement, and permit interior finishing right up to the ceiling without any problems, and full use to be made of the height.

  • Double-headed configuration can be installed before or after placing slab rebar
  • Studs arrive attached to nonstructural rails ensuring correct spacing
  • Studs are forged not welded, yield strength of 72,500 psi
  • Deformed shaft improves bond to concrete
  • Complies with ASTM 1044-16
  • ICC approved (ICC-ESR 4656)

The problem of punching shear, which is critical for this type of construction, can be resolved efficiently and dependably with Schöck Bole® reinforcement bar. It is a punching shear reinforcement bar consisting of forged double-headed studs and anchors with spacing bars to secure correct positioning. Studs arrive attached to non-structural rails, alleviating the need for on-site welding and ensuring correct spacing.

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