Schöck Lunch & Learns.Bringing structural thermal breaks expertise to your office.

As an architect or engineer, it is essential to stay ahead of the curve regarding best practices in design. Your clients rely on your expertise to bring them the strongest, most efficient solution.

We believe an important addition to your toolbox is having a solid understanding of where, when and how to utilize structural thermal breaks in your building envelope design.


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Schöck Lunch & Learns are a great way to bring this knowledge right to your doorstep. These informational sessions bring together details and research from both Schöck and third party sources to advance your understanding of structural thermal breaks.

Below is an overview of our current Lunch & Learn courses. Each is one hour in length and includes a box lunch for all attendees.

Structural Thermal Breaks for Concrete Connections

This Lunch & Learn course offers an introduction to the effects of thermal bridging in concrete connections, such as balconies, parapets and slab edges. Possible solutions will be discussed, including the benefits of using structural thermal breaks to address them. Attendees will learn where thermal breaks are most commonly used, how they can be incorporated in the building envelope design, and what benefits are gained by using them.

Structural Thermal Breaks for Steel Connections

This Lunch & Learn course offers an in-depth look at thermal bridging in steel connections, such as steel beams, balconies, canopies and rooftop equipment. Discussions will include an overview of today’s built environment and why addressing thermal bridging is more important now than in the past. Attendees will learn about the effectiveness of possible solutions for steel connections, including a review of the benefits and potential drawbacks of each in various applications.

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