CAD / BIM Center.Design support and details.

Architects and engineers require the latest tools to function at top efficiency. Schöck currently offers 2D and 3D tools to make your job easier… in addition to our current library, we will soon offer 4D files complete with all product construction information to be incorporated into your models. We guarantee design support for our customers, offering up-to-date, reliable and accurate product data for integrated building planning and design.

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If you have questions regarding Schöck's CAD/BIM libraries, please contact your Regional Sales Manager.

Revit / BIM library - coming soon

Access Schöck’s special object libraries and plug-ins developed specifically for Revit users. These libraries will be available for the standard Schöck Isokorb® product portfolio of concrete-to-concrete, concrete-to-steel and steel-to-steel connections – and offer distinct advantages:

  • Efficiency and accuracy
    Universal access to planning files in real time encourages cooperation and improves accuracy.
  • Enhanced quality and cost reduction
    Early identification of conflicts means changes can be made before construction begins.
  • Seamless integration into an overall planning system
    Schöck’s BIM libraries easily and quickly integrate into your overall building plans.

Check back soon for access to Schöck’s Revit library!

CAD library

Schöck offers a comprehensive CAD library containing all standard 2D and 3D formats, together with the BIM exchange format IFC 2x3, that can be downloaded and incorporated into a CAD/BIM model.

Access Schöck’s CAD library


Schöck North America’s full library of product details is now accessible through Sweets™ for Autodesk® AutoCAD® and soon Sweets™ for Revit®. This interactive construction and building product database for architects, engineers and contractors integrates product information and details right into your design software – quickly and easily. Visit Schöck North America on Sweets™ today!

Download the Sweets apps in the Autodesk App Store or at

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