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Incorporating structural thermal breaks into your building brings added benefits to your occupants, and added value to your building. Here are the three important ways they can improve your bottom line.

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Boost Your ROI Three Ways with Schöck Structural Thermal Breaks

    1. Slash energy costs:
      Cut energy loss up to 90% at balcony, canopies, slab edges and rooftop connections—up to 14% for your building overall—dramatically reducing one of your largest ongoing expenses. Renting low income units? A 2016 ACEEE research study showed that tenants are more likely to pay their rent on time when utility costs are more manageable.
  1. Avoid mold remediation and litigation costs:
    Insulating cold exterior penetrations from the warm interior structures that support them, prevents condensation and mold, which can become airborne years before it becomes visible on interior walls and ceilings. Costs to the developer can include short term remediation (without curing the problem), housing of displaced occupants, and personal injury litigation.
  1. Increase building value:
    As energy efficiency standards continue to climb, energy costs continue to rise, and environmental awareness of occupants continues to grow, buildings constructed using energy saving technologies are positioned to command higher sale prices than those that cost more to operate, more to maintain and reveal mold formation during buyer inspections.

Can you offer your buyers and renters these three important benefits?
With Structural Thermal Breaks from Schöck, you can.

As a developer, you are well aware of the impact a finely detailed interior can make. By incorporating structural thermal breaks into your building envelope design, the attention to detail extends below the surface, giving prospects the confidence that you’ve “thought of everything” – even the benefits they can’t see.

Here are three of the most important benefits thermal breaks can offer buyers and renters:

    1. Superior thermal comfort
      Keep interior floors up to 34°F/19°C warmer adjacent to balconies and exterior walls, even during the coldest winter months. Cold floors near balcony doors reduce usable living space – and no city dwelling can afford to lose square footage!
  1. Improved air quality
    Prevent condensation and mold at balconies and other penetrations to create a healthier living environment – a topic of growing importance as we see year-over-year increases in allergies, asthma and other air-related health concerns.
  1. Reduced environmental impact:
    Use up to 14% less energy, reducing your utility costs, your overall carbon footprint and appealing to your growing number of environmentally conscious occupants.

Energy code compliance

If you needed another reason to incorporate thermal breaks into your next project, let’s talk about energy and building codes. 2016 ASHRAE 90.1 code already requires continuous insulation at all building penetrations when following a prescriptive path. Regardless of which version your local municipality is currently using, thermal breaks on building envelope penetrations will be required in the future. Why not be ahead of the curve?

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Schöck Developer Marketing Tools.
Helping you demonstrate benefits to tenants and buyers.

The benefits are clear – you want to incorporate structural thermal breaks into your building. Now how do you convey the value to your prospective buyers and renters? Schöck has created some tools to help.

Branded Marketing Materials for Showrooms and Model Units

    • Flyers, handouts and posters, customized to include your logo (Download samples below.)
    • Digital images, text blocks, PDFs and email templates for use in the promotion of your Grand Openings and other events
    • Video loop showing benefits of structural thermal breaks
Schöck North America's structural thermal break freezer demo unit

Schöck North America's structural thermal break freezer demo unit

Showroom Freezer Demo Units

For developers with a sales showroom, our Showroom Freezer Demo Units are an excellent way to instantly demonstrate the value of Structural Thermal Breaks from Schöck – and offer visitors a frozen treat while they watch and learn!

Units show two inserts side-by-side: one that is thermally insulated and one that isn’t. By simply placing your hands on both, you can decide for yourself which one you’d rather sit on. Contact your local RSM to find out more about our freezer demo units.

Marketing and Sales Literature
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