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The latest edition of Journal of Building Enclosure Design (JBED), the official publication of the National Institute of Building Sciences, Building Enclosure Technology and Environmental Council (BETEC), is dedicated to thermal bridges in buildings. The Winter 2013 edition features the title: Thermal Bridging: It Can Be Done Better.

This edition includes industry experts from various fields, including Joe Lstiburek, PhD, Eng., ASHRAE Fellow, Mark Lawton B.A.Sc.. P.Eng. and Neil Norris, MASc with Morrison Hershfield, Ltd, and Matthew Capone, Assoc. AIA. It is evident that the interest and demand for information on thermal bridging is increasing in the US building industry.

The feature articles included in the Journal of Building Enclosure Design describe the nationwide problems of the thermal bridging, giving some examples of current construction methods in specific US buildings. Strategies to thermally break structural components, which protrude beyond the insulation, are introduced. Solutions are today available in the US market. Read the full publication here.

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