A new year. A new look for Schöck.

The new Schöck icon, consisting of two interlocking shapes, is designed to symbolize the partnerships and connections that are of the highest importance at Schöck – those relationships that exist between the Company and its customers, employees and shareholders. “The new Schöck icon stands for a clear promise. It is a symbol of quality and value, of reliability and security” explains Mike Bucher, CEO of Schöck. “These are values that are at the core of our actions, even in times of digital transformation.”

Along with these visual changes, all Schöck businesses now fall under the global website – www.schoeck.com – unifying our URL and brand. When you type www.schoeck.com into your browser, it will automatically detect the country you are in and ask if this is the country's website you wish to visit. You can confirm this country or select an alternate country from a drop down menu. You can always access other countries' websites by using the globe icon in the top right corner of any webpage within a Schöck site. For quicker access, we typically use the link that is specific to the North American website when we link to it within our forms or emails.

All Schöck emails worldwide are also shifting to end in @schoeck.com. This will happen during January 2021 and is being done to unify all Schöck emails across the globe. Up until now, different countries have had different endings to their emails (e.g. .de or .nl) so now we will all have this universal ending.

These changes may cause you to wonder why the spelling of our URL and emails is now different than our logo and written company name. The company name and logo reflect the exact spelling of Founder Eberhard Schöck's last name. But many countries' alphabets do not contain the umlaut (ö) found in Schöck, and instead, use an "oe" in its place to represent the same sound. Since we cannot universally display special characters in our website URL or emails, we have chosen to use "oe" in these instances. So, for technology, we will use "oe" but we will preserve the original spelling in almost all other written instances. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions about this.

2020 was a year of much turbulence and change in the world, but along with the challenges we have all faced, the past year has given us time to reflect and strengthen, allowing us to start 2021 confidently and optimistically…ready to create new connections to insure the future success of the company.

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