Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Jasper Place Branch Library

The Jasper Place Branch Library design reflects the Edmonton Public Library's aspirations to create an open and memorable presence in the community.

Architectural firms Hughes Condon Marler and Dub Architects designed a welcoming new library, increasing the square footage from 10,700sq to 15,000sq. The resulting two level building includes a large double-height reading room extending above the staff area, and a mezzanine level overlooking the central space. The roof and walls are all part of the single, undulating 12-inch thick slab of concrete with no pillars to intrude the interior space.

Thermal bridging concerns were resolved by including Isokorb® structural thermal breaks throughout the visually creative concrete roof. The roof provides an innovative solution to shed water and melting snow by making use of the peaks and troughs. The concrete structure is insulated and clad with a metal roofing system and exposed to the interior space, further demonstrating the need for Isokorb® modules and the structurally insulated connections. Isokorb® was used to create a thermal break between the curtain wall and the roof membrane.

The load conditions had to be carefully reviewed, as bending moments exist in both directions, with axial and horizontal actions taken into consideration. Schöck Isokorb® modules used for the Jasper Place Branch Library ensured the bending moment transfer occurs in both directions.

Sustainability was at the forefront of this project, seeking a memorable yet flexible design for future needs. As a result of this dedicated efforts during the design and construction phases, the Jasper Place Branch Library is LEED® certified and was named a national winner of the 2016 Green Building Award, a joint program of Sustainable Architecture & Building (SABMag)/ecoHouse Canada, and the Canada Green Building Council.




Hughes Condon Marler Architects / Dub Architects

Structural Engineer

Fast + Epp

Construction Company

Stuart Olson Dominion Construction Ltd.

Construction Completed


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