Schöck around the globe.14 companies, 1000 employees.

Schöck North America is comprised of Schöck USA, Inc. and Schoeck Canada, Inc. We are part of the Schöck Group, which operates 14 companies around the globe with a staff of around 1000 employees. The company's head office is in Baden-Baden, Germany, where the success tale of founder and construction engineer Eberhard Schöck began more than 50 years ago. His pioneering inventions streamlined construction and set new standards.

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Innovation is our company philosophy

The Schöck Group's primary focus is on the development of ready-to-install components that are part of the structural design and that make a substantial contribution to building physics, for example by minimizing thermal bridges or preventing impact noise in buildings. Our main product is Schöck Isokorb® - a load-bearing thermal insulation element preventing thermal bridges on cantilever elements, such as balconies, parapets, access balconies or canopy roofs. With more than 12,000 standard types and solutions for use in concrete, steel and wood, Schöck is the leading specialist in this sector, both for new construction and for renovation projects. Other business areas focus on reinforcement technology for industrial, tunnel, bridge and infrastructure construction or building power plants.

Passionate about service

In addition to product innovation, Schöck also places a strong emphasis on service – from our complimentary expert engineering and design services to our custom thermal modeling and signed and sealed drawings. We build true value into what we do, as well as how we do it – supporting quality products with quality service.

Our philosophy:
“Never rest on your laurels. If you want to be successful you have to keep developing entirely new things or improving existing things.”

Eberhard Schöck, company founder

Mission and vision
  • We are an international leading supplier of special solutions in thermal and acoustic isolation for load-bearing components in buildings.
  • We are a preferred partner for architects, engineers, developers and building contractors, offering a high level of customer benefit. Our customers are sophisticated users and installers of construction products and components who are well aware of the need for safe installation and product use as well as the safety risks and hazards presented by product misuse and improper installation.
  • We support our customers from the planning stage through construction, using sound economic and ecological principles.
  • We are an attractive employer for performance-oriented staff, because we recognize that they help us to provide corporate growth, secure jobs, and a high retention, which supports their individual achievement, as well as the value of Schöck as a whole.
  • We have a traditionally strong sense of responsibility towards our employees, customers, partners, suppliers, society and the environment. We contribute to the sustainable development of society by active management, minimizing the impact of our actions on the environment, and by complying with legal and ethical standards.



Peak performance

  • Peak performance is our main success factor.
  • We strive to continuously improve our processes.
  • We invest all of our knowledge and ability to ensure we can offer our customers products and services of superior quality at all times.
  • We think and act like professionals, transcending the boundaries of departments or business units.


  • We treat our partners fairly.
  • Our actions are guided by the will to satisfy our customers.
  • We treat colleagues and other departments like in-house customers.
  • Every individual at Schöck adheres to all aspects of our Compliance Policy and complies with both statutory and in-house provisions and regulations of the company and the country in which they work.


Our focus is always on people. This is why we encourage a social attitude among people – both within our company and in all areas of society.


  • We are open with our partners.
  • We grasp mistakes as an opportunity to improve our performance, with each individual striving to identify and remedy the causes.
  • Conflicts are natural; we address them openly and resolve them quickly and fairly.

As far back as 1992, Eberhard Schöck demonstrated that commercial success was not the only thing that mattered to him and his family when he set up his nonprofit trust, the Eberhard Schöck Foundation. He has donated most of his share capital to the trust, which is funded from the dividend payments.

Social commitment is equally important for Schöck as a company, as is environmental protection and quality management.

Health, safety and environmental protection

We strive to protect the environment by using environmentally compatible materials and processes in production and managing an environmentally sustainable fleet. Our environmental objectives include measures to reduce energy consumption. For example, we generate energy from photovoltaic plants, and environmental and health & safety issues play a huge role when erecting new or modifying existing buildings.


Two trusts – the Eberhard Schöck Foundation and the Schöck Family Foundation – are the largest individual shareholders of Schöck AG. As a result, a large part of the economic success of the company is donated directly to charity. The actions of the Eberhard Schöck Foundation are guided by the motto "Change through education". Projects primarily support the building trade in Central and Eastern Europe. The trust is also active in Germany, where it awards the Schöck Bau-Innovationspreis (Schöck Award for Innovation in Building and Construction) and the Kulturpreis Deutsche Sprache (German Language Culture Award). The Schöck Family Foundation was founded in 2012 and sponsors education and vocational training projects for children, teenagers and young adults in Germany, India and Nepal.

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