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Vision: shaping tomorrow's construction today.

When the company was founded, Eberhard Schöck established the culture and values that still guide the company today. When it comes to the development of innovations, the company is always focused on reliability...whether it is reliable products or services, ease of product handling, or ensuring the company’s economic stability. This provides the basis of new ideas that give rise to technological processes. The result is successful products and processes.



Our values support our success

People are our primary focus at Schöck. This applies to customers and employees alike. Trust, respect and openness are integral parts of our everyday business conduct. We believe our level of commitment is always evident – not just in our words or our company image, but in the feeling behind every handshake.

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Focus on people

Customers and employees are at the center of what we do.

Schöck’s culture has always been shaped by the company founder Eberhard Schöck, who has insisted on a strong focus on people – customers, business partners and employees. People form the basis of our success. They shape the company in all of its relationships.

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Dependable statements

In the construction industry, Schöck seeks to sets itself apart thanks to its high level of commitment, including in its statements, agreements and goals. This applies not only to our ability to deliver and reliably meet deadlines, but also to our product quality and technical solutions. Our motto, “Dependable by design," is featured in our logo: It is an outward sign of the high reliability of our actions. It is a promise that Schöck wants to be measured by.

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Trust-based workplace

Schöck strives to foster a long-term, permanent connection to all stakeholder groups through an open, appreciative culture that welcomes discussion. Employees in particular are entrusted with a high degree of autonomy in carrying out their work. As a family-owned company, Schöck is convinced that trusting, active partnerships are the key to sustainable and reliable processes.

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Focus on the essentials

The company’s focus on developing solutions for building insulation and load-bearing elements has made Schöck a leading supplier in these areas. This is based on the company’s mission to offer the customer a high level of expert knowledge and comprehensive service in specialized areas. By continuing to focus corporate strategy on innovations and deploying digital solutions around the world, this strength is continuously expanded.

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Open and respectful cooperation

Both inside and outside the company, Schöck promotes an atmosphere of respectful cooperation, and vehemently opposes discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, age or sexual identity. Each employee's strengths, abilities, expertise and contributions to the company are what count, and as such, these are the focus upon which we base our employment decisions.

Strategic fields of action


Intelligent and innovative solutions will continue to be in demand in the future, so that climate-neutral construction solutions can be implemented across markets, including mature technologies in new areas of application, further materials development, and expertise in how they can be practically deployed.

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Implementation of digital technologies

Digital technology adoption is a critical success factor in the construction industry – for increased efficiency, error reduction and quality assurance. The strategic interaction of components and services achieves new advantages – the construction process is streamlined, from planning to implementation. At Schöck, the digital future is well underway and makes great strides with each passing year.


As an international company, Schöck prioritizes the topic of globalization. Sustainable solutions advancing forward-looking processes and systems cannot be confined by borders. The question of sustainable growth and corporate responsibility have long had an international dimension.

“You can never rest on your laurels. To be successful you have to keep developing entirely new things or improving existing things.”

Eberhard Schöck, company founder

The Schöck Code of Conduct

We have established ourselves as the market leader thanks to our technical expertise, sustainable solutions, openness to change and forward-looking orientation. Our customers and our employees are always the focus of our company activities. Our claim “Dependable by design” is not only based on the uncompromising quality of our products and services, but also on our reliability as a business partner and as a champion of positive interactions.


Download: Code of Conduct