Your partner for construction – Our strengths set the standards.

When the company was founded, the idea right from the beginning was to achieve efficiencies in construction by creating a streamlined operation that produces easy-to-handle products, while optimizing costs and energy efficiency at an early stage. To do this, it was necessary to reach beyond previous limits and further develop innovative technologies. Schöck has long since become synonymous with thermal insulation, sound insulation and reinforcement technology at construction sites around the world.


A history of success since 1962.

Even as challenges change, the basic principles by which we address them remain the same, especially when it comes to increasing energy efficiency and achieving the goal of climate neutrality in construction. Our products and services are supported by six decades of experience. The drive for innovation keeps setting international standards, and the resulting products make building easier and more efficient. At the same time, this allows for new opportunities in design. Thanks to experience, competence and expertise, the Schöck team of experts is ready for the future.