Gold for Schöck in the Architects’ Darling awards 2020

Schöck Tronsole® is not one to make a noise about itself. But now the product is attracting the attention of the industry for the second time – after winning silver in 2016 – by taking gold at the Architects’ Darling Award 2020. This highly effective impact sound insulation guarantees a quiet staircase – particularly important in apartment buildings. In fact, for Schöck Tronsole®, the standard for staircases is quality sound insulation level III of VDI 4100 – depending on the product type, it even achieves DEGA Class A. So architects and planners can sit back and enjoy some peace of mind.

Effective impact sound insulation with the blue line

A feature of Schöck Tronsole® is its high installation safety. In both planning and execution, the precisely matched, ready-to-install elements result in a blue line that encloses and decouples staircase without acoustic bridges. This ensures seamless impact sound insulation across all floors, regardless of whether the staircase is straight or spiral, or whether intermediate landings are integrated or not.

Revised award concept

On the tenth anniversary of the Architects’ Darling Award, the Heinze architects' portal has revised the survey concept. This year the focus was on criteria such as personalized advice, sustainability, or brand trust – which also played to Schöck’s strengths: The company supports its customers comprehensively and individually in all questions to do with application. In addition to a service hotline, installation videos and master fitters, reference works such as the planning handbook, a wide range of information on standards, testing and verification procedures, Schöck also offers its customers the opportunity to qualify as certified installers. Because nothing is more important for complete impact sound insulation than fault-free construction.