Welcome to Schöck

Schöck group is a leading international supplier of innovative building solutions, headquartered in Baden-Baden, Germany.

The focus is on the development of construction components that are part of the statics and building physics have a high value, such as for example the avoidance of thermal bridges or impact noise in the building.

The story of success began 50 years ago with the company founder and civil engineer Eberhard Schöck. He has made ground-breaking inventions, he has streamlined the building and set new standards. Extensive technical know-how, dedication and years of experience with our customers make from an idea production-ready products.

The main product is the Schöck Isokorb® - a thermal break element which prevents thermal bridges at balconies, porches or canopies. With over 12,000 standard types and solutions for use in concrete, steel and wood Schöck is the leading specialist in this segment. Both in new construction and in modernization.

With Tronsole® Schöck offers a reliable impact sound protection for stairways landings of multi-occupier buildings.

A further business unit is the reinforcement technologies for industrial buildings, tunnels, bridges, infrastructure construction and the construction of energy facilities.

In addition to product innovations Schöck puts special emphasis on services such as reliable delivery, nonverbal installation instructions, seminars, technical training and design support. The benefit for our customers: simplify the operations and ensure safety in construction. And this worldwide like in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.