Schöck Isolink® type C-ED

Schöck Isolink® type C-ED is a façade fastener made of Combar® glass fibre composite for core-insulated concrete walls. The bar has straight ends.

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The Isolink® type C-ED is inserted diagonally in combination with Isolink® type C-EH in core-insulated element walls with self-supporting facework.

Its cylindrical geometry facilitates positioning of the glass fibre anchor.

For energy efficient core-insulated walls, the thermal conductivity of the connectors or the reinforcement plays a major role.

The Schöck Isolink® type C-ED is certified as a passive house component in the façade anchor category.

  • Multi-purpose
    Spacer and connecting device combined in a single product solution.
  • Optimum insulation performance
    Glass fibre reinforcement with outstanding thermal properties.
  • Versatile
    For use with any type of insulating material.
  • Corrosion resistant
    Suitable even with thin concrete cover.
  • Cost-efficient storage
    Saves warehousing space in prefabricating plants.
  • Flexible design options
    Build sandwich and element walls up to 6 × 12 m.
  • Certified quality
    Approved by German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) and certified by Passive House Institute.