Breakthrough in façade connections.Schöck Isolink® type F-S for rainscreen cladding façades.

Schöck Isolink® for rainscreen cladding facades are thermal bridge free fasteners for insulated and non-insulated substrate walls made of concrete or brick. These comprise a Combar® glass-fibre bar and a stainless-steel threaded end.

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Fastening without thermal bridges

The thermal insulation performance of Schöck Isolink® F-S is around 200 times better than that of aluminium wall brackets and around 15 times better than that of stainless-steel wall brackets.

Certified Passive House Component

Schöck Isolink® F-S has been awarded the highest classification of phA+ for all weight classes by the Passive House Institute.

Technical approval

Schöck Isolink® F-S has been tested and approved by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt).

Easy to install

The cylindrical bar can be easily anchored within a concrete or brick wall using approved composite mortar. The metric connection thread allows an anchor plate or substructure to be installed without frameworks or diagonals.

Superb cost efficiency

The low thermal conductivity of the Schöck Isolink® means the thickness of the thermal insulation can be reduced significantly without affecting the U-value of the wall. In direct comparison to aluminium wall brackets, this results in savings of approximately 50% on insulating materials.

Excellent fire protection properties

Schöck Isolink® for rainscreen cladding façades complies with the fire protection requirements for building classes 1–5 in accordance with state building regulations.

  • Versatile applications
    For all standard raincreen cladding façade substructures
  • No thermal bridges
    50% savings can be made on the thickness of thermal insulation
  • Optimum insulation performance
    Thanks to the exceptional structural properties of Combar® glass fibre composite
  • Easy to install
    The cylindrical bar with connection thread is easy to connect to a wall or substructure without frameworks or diagonals.