Schöck Isolink® for rainscreen cladding facades

Breakthrough in facade connections.Schöck Isolink® for rainscreen cladding facades.

Schöck Isolink® type TA-S is a facade fastener made of Combar® glass fibre composite for rainscreen cladding facades.

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Schöck Isolink® consists of a Combar® glass fibre bar, which is manufactured from fibre reinforced composite in a specially developed process and has excellent material properties. It is tested for structural strength, cannot corrode and is particularly durable. We can therefore offer our customers a complete solution for modern facade construction.

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Schöck Isolink® type TA-S
  • Thermal bridge free cladding support
    Thermal insulation performance is around 200 times better than that of aluminium wall brackets.
  • Easy to install
    The cylindrical bar with connection thread is easy to connect to a wall or substructure.
  • Cost saving solution
    Saves up to 50% insulating material thus enabling slimmer facades and more delicate wall structures.
  • Versatile applications
    Suitable for all standard back-ventilated curtain facade substructures and for anchoring in concrete and brickwork. For both new construction and renovation projects.
  • Certified quality
    Schöck Isolink® is certified by the German Passive House Institute.